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Můj dvouměsíční worknout – 20kilo dolů

Moderní doba, sedavé zaměstnání, nedostatek času, to vše zřejmě vede k tomu, že lidi nemají čas na sebe. Zhubnout není tak složité, jak si spousta lidí myslí, je to všechno je to o tom se přestat sám sobě vymlouvat, zvednout prdel ze židle a něco s tím… | 20. 1. 2015 13:45 | #

iOS app: Hrady a zámky České republiky a proč jsem si to udělal sám?

…udělal jsem aplikaci, dal jí do AppStore, můžete ji používat, nemusíte za ji platit, nemám z toho žádný přínos ani zisk (jenom ten morální). Proč? Poprvé jsem si to udělal sám a sám si to sice neumím udělat nejlíp, ale sám si to umím udělat podle svých… | 3. 2. 2014 12:45 | #

MySQL: Working with coordinates in the database

How to insert coordinates in the database and how to operate with them in MySQL. For all examples i have this two simple tables. Both tables contains 3000 rows with data: [crayon-54be4dfd2c59f236677758/] The first table has a column ready to save the… | 20. 11. 2013 16:05 | #

PHP: Protection public cron jobs

Programmers often forget to protect cron jobs that are executed in public addresses. Especially if you have shared hosting, it is usually difficult to secure run cron tasks. However, if the cron is on publicly url, can this cron job starts anyone. If… | 29. 10. 2013 12:55 | #

PHP HOW TO: create server API

In one my project, i need to be able to connect to and communicate with the server and use some of its features. I had to create a simple API that will be used for communication. This is my simple solution, how to create API.   Requirements   The main… | 12. 10. 2013 0:10 | #

Image Search by color (PHP) #part1

Perhaps you’ve ever come across a problem that you need to search images by their color (like it has google at For this search it is necessary first to identify colors in the image. The predominant colors with the color ratio can be… | 8. 10. 2013 10:05 | #

PHP: Zend framework and Oracle cursors

Working with Oracle cursors is in Zend very limited. There is only a simple class Zend_Db_Cursor_Oracle that can handle SQL query and return the whole result. In more complicated situations, we need to bind multiple variables, returning only part of the… | 7. 10. 2013 9:55 | #

iOS locationManager: location update in my own interval with application in the background

If we run the LocationManager in the background, running all the time without a break. This method is especially demanding on the battery, and do not always need to detect location continuously. Often we need to know the location of the specified… | 30. 9. 2013 20:05 | #

PHP tip: Do not use functions in end condition of for loop

Function, which is called inside the loop is executed always in each iteration.   A lot of programmers use function calls inside the loop, even though it is useless. In some cases it is this necessary, but many programmers use this procedure… | 26. 8. 2013 21:50 | #

iOs 6: How to open the native application with navigation

Ios version 6 and higher deprecated Google Maps. How to properly open and navigate user to the target object in a native application? We can use MKMapItem class, but this class was publicly available starting with iOS 6.0. In this case you typically… | 22. 8. 2013 13:55 | #



PHP Photo Instagram filters

Simple class to create a filters similar like Instagram filters This is sample output:   In one project I needed to create simple filters in images and because I love instagram, I inspired here. Finally, I wrote a simple class in PHP that adjusts the… | 19. 8. 2013 11:20 | #

iPhone: evaluate the strength of GPS signal

GPS in IOS applications can work properly only if it has a good signal. In the application it is necessary to detect as the signal is strong. The strength from the GPS signal you can check from variable type CLLocation. In this example we modify method… | 9. 8. 2013 21:10 | #

iOS Running a timer within your app is in the background

Sometimes, you need to run the timer when the application is in the background as you do this? Simple solution is to use a function applicationDidEnterBackground, which can we found in AppDelegate. This function starts automatically if you go by in the… | 9. 8. 2013 21:10 | #

Playing with MySQL: GROUP BY

SQL function “Group by” would be primarily used to grouping the result values. Its use may be larger, and the results may be most usefull. What is the function “GROUP BY” Anyone who knows the SQL language, knows function “group by”, but even so …… | 4. 7. 2013 17:25 | #

Base64.encode64 in Ruby split the resulting string

Be careful when using Base64 library and the encode64 function. Unpleasant feature of this function is that after every 60 characters add to the resulting string "\n". | 26. 6. 2013 16:45 | #

Google Maps - place marker with radius

Location of the marker in the map by mouse event. The system draws a radius around a point by a specified distance. | 20. 6. 2013 17:00 | #

Objective-C: Creating sha1 byte array

I solved an interesting problem that I needed to create a SHA1 hash, but the result had to be a byte array. | 9. 5. 2013 9:00 | #

Windows and Mysql: slow connection to database

If you have windows 7 or newer and connects to the mysql database, you may be happened that the connection is very slow. | 13. 4. 2013 18:10 | #

Sending a message or email from iOS devices

Often you need your application to be able to send users emails or messages. In iOS, this can be done simply by MessageUI framework. | 12. 4. 2013 19:10 | #

UITextFields: event click to "Return key" on keyboard

The keyboard includes a "return key", which can be linked to any action, such as moving to the next field on the form, this we can do with overload function textFieldShouldReturn. | 10. 4. 2013 22:10 | #

Add button with custom image and action into navigationItem

How easily add a button with action to UINavigationItem, which is contained in UINavigationController | 10. 4. 2013 11:20 | #

iOS 6: correctly use ABAddressBookRequestAccessWithCompletion

In iOS 6 is always necessary to verify that the application has access to the contacts directory. | 3. 4. 2013 16:01 | #

Send a push notification to iOS devices

Simple send a push notification to APPLE APNs server. | 7. 3. 2013 10:05 | #

iTunes 11 can't install ipa file

iTunes 11 have sometime problems with installing ipa files How to manage IPA files into iOS device when we can't use iTunes. | 18. 2. 2013 16:30 | #

Add custom fonts to Xcode

If you want to use custom font in Xcode, you must first add it to the application. | 6. 2. 2013 11:05 | #

Remote connection to heroku (Postgre sql) database

How to easily connect to PostgreSQL, hosted on Heroku, with pgAdmin. | 30. 1. 2013 16:45 | #

CarrierWave: Fog and File Storage combination

Currently on a project that we do, where we use for upload files CarrierWave gem, we need to combine: Fog and: File storage by the environment settings. | 25. 1. 2013 14:20 | #

iPhone & iPad developer: NSNotification, NSNotificationCenter

Občas velmi užitečným mechanismem pro předávání zpráv mezi dvěma objekty může být použití notifikací. | 14. 11. 2012 17:15 | #

Safe repository. Hack SVN (GIT hack)

If you are using for your website any repository system, beware how you do deploy the web. | 8. 11. 2012 11:35 | #