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Jak probíhá shutdown v PHP a volání destruktorů?

Ukončení požadavku v PHP se skládá z těchto kroků prováděných v uvedeném pořadí: Volání všech funkcí registrovaných pomocí register_shutdown_function() Volání všech metod __destruct() Vyprázdnění všech output bufferů Ukončení všech rozšíření PHP (např…

phpFashion | 5. 9. 2021 22:00 | #

How to write error handler in PHP?

If you are writing your own error handler in PHP, it is absolutely necessary to follow a few rules. Otherwise, it may break the behavior of other libraries and applications that do not expect betrayal in the error handler. Parameters The signature of…

phpFashion | 20. 4. 2021 17:35 | #

Jak napsat error handler v PHP?

Pokud píšete vlastní error handler pro PHP, je bezpodmínečně nutné dodržet několik pravidel. Jinak může nabourat chování dalších knihoven a aplikací, které nečekají v error handleru zradu. Parametry Signatura handleru vypadá takto: function…

phpFashion | 20. 4. 2021 17:00 | #

Nette Tester 2.4.0 is out

A new smaller release is out. And since there are no posts on the blog about the patches from 2.3.1 to 2.3.5, I will address them in this post too. Let's move from the past to the present. Patch releases Version 2.3.1 is purely maintenance release, just…

phpFashion | 5. 3. 2021 18:15 | #

News in Nette Schema 1.2

Nette Schema is the youngest addition to the Nette family. The library was originally created for the needs of Nette DI, ie to validate and normalize the input configuration files and to inform about possible errors. Nette Schema was an attempt to find…

phpFashion | 5. 3. 2021 18:15 | #

News in PhpGenerator 3.5

PhpGenerator has learned all the language features of PHP 8. Let's see how you can start using them right away. Constructor Property Promotion A very nice new feature of PHP 8 is the constructor property promotion, a syntactic sugar that saves writing…

phpFashion | 25. 2. 2021 3:30 | #

News in Nette Security 3.1

You'll be amazed at the horizons of this new version, and how easy it is to build web applications that don't need a session. Clarity Before we look at the main news, we must say that Nette is gradually leaving the prefix I in the interface names, so it…

phpFashion | 25. 2. 2021 3:30 | #

News in Nette Forms 3.1

Protection against CSRF using cookies The vulnerability of a CSRF is based on the trick that the form is spoofed by an attacker and sent from his site, ie from another domain, against which Nette has always had protection, which is turned on by the…

phpFashion | 25. 2. 2021 3:30 | #

News in Nette Http 3.1

News in Nette Http version 3.1 mainly concerns the current development of browsers in relation to cookies. Current browsers finally work without bugs with the SameSite flag, so Nette automatically sends it. So now Nette sends all cookies (including…

phpFashion | 18. 2. 2021 4:20 | #

News in Nette Database 3.1

With an elegant way of working with a transaction comes a new method transaction(). You pass in a callback that runs in the transaction. If any exception is thrown, the transaction is rolled back. If everything goes well, the transaction will be…

phpFashion | 18. 2. 2021 4:20 | #

News in Nette Utils 3.2

One of the main new features of Nette Utils 3.2 is the new static class Nette\Utils\Floats with useful functions for comparing decimal numbers. The class solves a problem that surprised many programmers when they found that equality does not apply for…

phpFashion | 18. 2. 2021 4:20 | #

Services don't need names

I love Nette Framework's dependency injection solution. I really do. This post is here to share this passion, explaining why I think it is the best DI solution in today's PHP ecosystem. (This post has originally been published on the author's blog.)…

phpFashion | 18. 2. 2021 4:20 | #

Latte 2.10: A joy to debug

It has become a tradition that once every quarter a new version of Latte with a ton of hot new features is releases. This time, the most important features are related to debugging templates. Come take a look at a quick overview. Tracy panel Latte has a…

phpFashion | 18. 2. 2021 4:20 | #

PHP 8.0: New Functions, Classes and JIT (4/4)

PHP version 8.0 has been released. It's full of new features like no other version before. Their introduction deserved four separate articles. In the last part we'll take a look at new functions and classes and introduce the Just in Time Compiler. New…

phpFashion | 9. 12. 2020 23:30 | #

PHP 8.0: Attributes (3/4)

PHP version 8.0 is being released right now. It's full of new stuff like no other version before. Their introduction deserved four separate articles. In the third part we'll take a look at attributes. Attributes provide a whole new way to write…

phpFashion | 30. 11. 2020 18:55 | #

PHP 8.0: News in Data Types (2/4)

PHP version 8.0 has just been released. It's full of new features, like no version before. Their introduction deserves four separate articles. In the second part, we will take a look at data types. Let's go back in history. The introduction of scalar…

phpFashion | 30. 11. 2020 18:55 | #

PHP 8.0: What's New? (1/4)

PHP version 8.0 is being released right now. It's full of new stuff like no other version before. Their introduction deserved four separate articles. In the first one we'll take a look at what it brings at the language level. Before we delve into PHP,…

phpFashion | 30. 11. 2020 18:55 | #

Latte 2.9: last but not for least

The new version brings features that will change the way you work with templates. Coding templates will be much more fun than you ever thought. Three major versions of the Latte have already been released this year: Latte 2.6 with optional chaining and…

phpFashion | 24. 11. 2020 0:45 | #

Objevena první zranitelnost v Nette, aktualizujte!

Hurá, Nette už má první záznam v CVE! To znamená, že v něm byla objevena první vážná zranitelnost. Co se vlastně stalo? Na konci prázdnin mi napsal vývojář Cyku Hong z malebného Taiwanu, že našel v Nette zranitelnost a v následujícím e-mailu vysvětlil…

phpFashion | 2. 10. 2020 22:50 | #

CVE-2020–15227: Potential Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

For the first time in Nette's 13-year history, a security flaw was discovered in it. It was found by a developer from picturesque Taiwan. This is a serious vulnerability that can, under certain circumstances, lead to remote code execution. The…

phpFashion | 2. 10. 2020 17:00 | #

Co jsou SameSite cookie a proč je potřebujeme?

SameSite cookies poskytují mechanismus, jak rozpoznat, co vedlo k načtení stránky. Jestli to bylo prokliknutí odkazu na jiném webu, odeslání formuláře, načtení uvnitř iframe, pomocí JavaScriptu atd. Rozlišit, jak byla stránka načtena, je totiž naprosto…

phpFashion | 18. 9. 2020 14:00 | #

Economy, containers and other hot news in Nette Forms

An overview of the most important news in the nette/forms 3.0.x package. Economic checkbox lists The CheckboxList sent by the GET method is not transmitted economically, it wastes characters and creates a long line in the URL…

phpFashion | 17. 6. 2020 21:30 | #

PhpGenerator 3.4: body and soul

PhpGenerator can create a model of a class or function based on existing one. This makes it easy to create, for example, proxy classes. However, the latest version 3.4 goes even further. It can also copy the bodies of methods and functions, i.e…

phpFashion | 28. 5. 2020 19:30 | #

What's new in Latte 2.8: fortifications inside the template

Latte 2.8 has an armored stronghold directly under the hood. This is an important feature that protects applications that use templates from untrusted sources. For example, when they are edited by the users themselves. How to build fortifications inside…

phpFashion | 7. 5. 2020 19:40 | #

Interview with Milan Šulc about Contributte and Open Source

Probably each of us occasionally uses a third-party component in our application. You can search for the right one on Google or on the portal. And if you use Nette there's a big chance you used a Contributte family component before. Both…

phpFashion | 9. 4. 2020 19:15 | #

CLI scripts in Nette application

When we talk about Nette application most of us will probably imagine a standard web application. Presenters, templates, forms and in the end some HTML output for the browser. But in parallel to the world of web browsers, there is another, completely…

phpFashion | 30. 3. 2020 0:20 | #

Interview with Matouš about news in PhpStorm plugins

If you use PhpStorm you certainly have plugins installed for better interoperability with Nette Framework. I’m talking specifically about Nette framework helpers, Latte, Neon, Nette Tester a Nette factory interface generator. They were created and…

phpFashion | 16. 3. 2020 18:40 | #

Latte: how to use type system?

Type system is main thing for the development of robust applications. Types in PHP have a superiority over other dynamic languages such as Python, Ruby or JavaScript. Nette Framework leads programmers to produce typed and strict code from the beginning…

phpFashion | 9. 3. 2020 18:50 | #

New in Latte 2.7: types everywhere and batch

A month after the release of Latte 2.6, which brought optional chaining and custom functions, there is Latte 2.7, which is even more interesting for the news. Type system Type system is a key thing for robust application development. To know what data…

phpFashion | 9. 3. 2020 18:50 | #

Jak zprovoznit https na localhost?

Abych si přiblížil vývoj na lokálním počítači tomu ostrému, zprovoznil jsem si lokální https. Jak na to? Vygenerujeme SSL certifikát K tomu použijeme program openssl, který určitě na počítači najdete, třeba jako součást Gitu na C:\Program…

phpFashion | 2. 3. 2020 16:10 | #