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I'm white hetero men around 30, should I be worried?

We, as humanity, don't accept women well. We are a racist. We ignore old people. Young ones as well. We don't support minorities. We refuse to see working gay family. We hate other's religion. And political opinions. … We should fix all of that. We are…

Michal Hořejšek | 19. 5. 2018 15:20 | # Nové 

Zápisky z cest: Itálie

Den první Stejně jako loni, i letos vyrážím na Mamboland. Jedinou změna je, že letenku nemám do Milána, ale do Benátek. Abych zůstal hodným přítelem, vzal jsem s sebou na začátek cesty i Lenku, kterou „deptám“ už od začátku cesty. Například jsme neměli…

Michal Hořejšek | 14. 5. 2018 17:50 | #

Google Assistant 2018

Originaly I wanted to type Google I/O 2018, but… All new features announced at the Google I/O keynote this year are pretty cool. Check them out: I love many of those new features. Like usage of their AI in medicine, conversion of photos with document to…

Michal Hořejšek | 11. 5. 2018 0:05 | #

What's wrong with salsa festivals

I attended many salsa festivals in last two years and I'm already getting bored of them. I'm starting to prefer smaller events in the usual time zone. Do you want to know why? Because of… poor organization. In Czech we have a famous joke from one play…

Michal Hořejšek | 2. 5. 2018 18:25 | #

Zápisky z cest: Berlín

Do Berlína jsme jeli na salsa festival vlakem. ECčkem, kde jsme měli pohodlí, cestu si mohli krátit v jídelním voze a nemuseli v pátek večer někde stát v koloně. Protože jsme stáli v Drážďanech na nádraží. O den dřív byla v Německu neskutečná vichřice,…

Michal Hořejšek | 25. 4. 2018 23:40 | #

We need to remake the Internet

I really like the way Jaron Lanier in his recent TED talk talks about how Internet needs to be redesigned: “And so I can't call these things social networks anymore. I call them behaviour modification empires.” “I don't believe our species can survive…

Michal Hořejšek | 24. 4. 2018 19:20 | #

Smart design

In a world with people, we have a Cambridge Analytica scandal. While the rest of the world is full of smart design. Watching any series from David Attenborough (even if he is only narrator) full of nature is so peaceful, amazing and educational… When I…

Michal Hořejšek | 27. 3. 2018 1:00 | #

The ultimate manipulative technique

First, you have to start by acknowledging feelings of other side, e.g. “oh…” or “I see…” Then name it simply as “that sounds frustrating!” or give a fantasy by stating something like “I wish I could make it for you right now!” By now, they should be on…

Michal Hořejšek | 26. 2. 2018 10:35 | #

HaaS: Honeypot as a Service

My team at CZ.NIC finally introduces a stable version of HaaS, Honeypot as a Service. Who knows Czech can read it in an official blog post (edit: English version). For non Czech readers, CZ.NIC is mainly known for Czech domain registry, but does much…

Michal Hořejšek | 19. 2. 2018 15:25 | #

Dancers, don't be sorry

Well, be sorry. Of course when you hit or step on someone, apologise. Or when you refuse to dance with someone, it's also better to say no with sorry than without it. But don't feel bad at all in cases you just didn't catch some move. It's totally all…

Michal Hořejšek | 18. 2. 2018 19:25 | #

Django CSRF bug

We had this problem: our application worked well on desktop but on phone any action had CSRF problem. Mm, strange. Soon we discovered it's problem only with Android. Later we were sure it's only Chrome on Android. Even stranger! Next step we did was to…

Michal Hořejšek | 8. 2. 2018 17:40 | #

Can you help with a political question?

Ok, so I have those struggles. I think I'm not alone. Actually, I know I'm not. Let's start with a little bit different question. In how many fields anyone could be an expert? My personal feeling is like about three, but the average will be definitely…

Michal Hořejšek | 22. 1. 2018 13:55 | #

Why I don't trust recommendation systems

I liked Google Now. Liked. With the new Android it's changed and isn't very useful anymore. Before, you could just swipe to the left on your home screen and see all important stuff. Like how much time it takes you to go to work right now. Or when is…

Michal Hořejšek | 18. 1. 2018 17:25 | #

How Twitter support works

I had problem to log in into my Twitter account because I couldn't get SMS code so I sent them message about that. They responded: Hello, Thanks for writing in. Many people who have reported issues with login verification have found the following tips…

Michal Hořejšek | 30. 12. 2017 18:05 | #

Zápisky z cest: Šibenik

Už jsem tu jednou psal o návštěvě Chorvatka, to bylo s cílem týden se plachtit na vodě. Chorvatsko mne hodně překvapilo, ale stále mne neláká jeho návštěva jako taková. Přesto jsem tam byl už třikrát, po druhé a po třetí v Šibeniku kvůli skvělému salsa…

Michal Hořejšek | 26. 12. 2017 18:41 | #

Whisky I like

I will not give you a professional analysis of whiskies. I'm really bad at describing the flavor of food and drinks. Take it just as my few notes which can maybe help you to find something new you could also like. Let's start with something more soft…

Michal Hořejšek | 20. 12. 2017 16:10 | #

Open letter to salsa organizers

Dear organizers, I like to travel very much. It's amazing that I can have dancing as an excuse to go so often. Two-in-one! Actually, it's three-in-one. I dance for awhile now so it means I travel more because of people I can see there than because of…

Michal Hořejšek | 12. 12. 2017 13:55 | #

It doesn't have to be scrum

I have a feeling that when there is something about agile, it means scrum or kanban. But it's not just that. It's definitely one way how to be agile, but it's not a synonym. The most important thing about being agile is communication. You can actually…

Michal Hořejšek | 4. 12. 2017 9:05 | #

Movie by Artificial Inteligence

Not long ago I was writing here about how I'm not afraid of artificial intelligence. Then my colleague sent me this video of how AI created a sci-fi screenplay… I'm going to add just one note: I'm sure one day we (as humanity) will look back to this…

Michal Hořejšek | 30. 11. 2017 19:05 | #

Salsa marathons

I think that the classic concept of salsa festivals with a lot of workshops of all different dances during the day and parties over night are not ideal. I see two types of people: Those who want to learn something new. But I don't see much of value in…

Michal Hořejšek | 20. 11. 2017 18:26 | #

Zápisky z cest: Londýn, vol. 2, 3 & 4

Trocha kontextu: pracovní cesty. První Kancelář je na místě, kde jsem v roce 2015 šel naposledy před cestou domů! Business oblast se spoustou kravaťáků. Jenom kravaťáci, téměř. S mým sáčkem jsem moc nevyčníval. Vlastně jo, ale opačně než doma. Druhý den…

Michal Hořejšek | 17. 11. 2017 14:25 | #

Makefile with Python

I like when everything is easy. I like to open some repository and in as few steps as possible to run example and see how it works. Ideally just call run and that's it. Python is great, Python makes a lot of things very easy. But tooling around, mostly…

Michal Hořejšek | 6. 11. 2017 20:10 | #

I'm not afraid of AI

Every useful program has three parts. Input and algorithm which produce some output. Classic programming means that you write the algorithm which can convert your input into output you want. You are the master and the code by itself cannot think because…

Michal Hořejšek | 31. 10. 2017 15:50 | #

The Three Dancers

In the last months I discovered one interesting thing. I don't care about big salsa festivals or any other events anymore. Well, I was never interested in any crowded event, but I wanted to have a lot of good dance partners so I can enjoy the night. Not…

Michal Hořejšek | 23. 10. 2017 18:50 | #

Infinite feeds

Years ago, there was no Internet. You could read news only from newspapers and books. Both has the end and you have to stop. After you finished newspaper, you had to wait a day or week or even month for the new fresh one. During that waiting you just…

Michal Hořejšek | 14. 10. 2017 13:05 | #

Technology is double-edged sword

Technology should help us, right? We should be more productive than years ago before technology. Everything should be better, faster, smoother. But it isn't. Actually, it's still the same, kind of. Nowadays everything is fast. You can say hi to anyone,…

Michal Hořejšek | 10. 10. 2017 18:40 | #

Česká taneční salsa a bachata scéna

Lehce závidím mimo pražským. Aspoň mám představu, že v těch menších městech je to tak malé, že tam nevzniká to, co vzniká v Praze. V Praze to je totiž politika. Až válka. Možná častěji to připomíná tu válku. Víte, občas člověk potřebuje skoro dva pasy…

Michal Hořejšek | 26. 9. 2017 10:55 | #

South Park

It's been awhile I wanted to watch South Park. Every kid want's to watch animated shows, even more when it's vulgar, right? :-) Well, my parents didn't allow me to wait until late hours to see it and later on, when I could, I didn't care. Actually, I…

Michal Hořejšek | 24. 9. 2017 19:45 | #

Jak vznikají zápisky z cest

Na jedné z mých prvních cest jsem narazil na Brity, kteří byli už rok na cestě kolem světa a měli ještě půl roku před sebou po Americe. Já, jakožto cestovatel začátečník, jsem byl hrozně zvědav na jejich postřehy, příběhy, všechno. Ale neřekli mi skoro…

Michal Hořejšek | 26. 8. 2017 12:25 | #

Zápisky z cest: New York

Upozornění: Nejsou fotky! :-O Téměř; kvůli rozbitému telefonu jsem přišel o většinu svých fotek. Zato e-maily se spoustou textu o New Yorku a salse mi zůstaly. Všechny jsem sem přepsal. Omlouvám se za délku! Den první New York je hrozné místo. Nelíbí se…

Michal Hořejšek | 6. 8. 2017 12:55 | #

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